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SoftPrayog provides information regarding software conforming to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) philosophy. You will find here articles on software engineering, tutorials and troubleshooting information regarding commands belonging to GNU/Linux based systems. The objective of SoftPrayog is to help in learning of the Linux operating system, its commands and provide software development resources.

What's new

  • tc is a user space program for managing qdiscs for network interfaces. tc is used for configuring traffic control in the kernel.
  • The ss command gives the socket statistics. It gives information about the network connections. ss is a replacement for the netstat command.
  • The umask command is used for setting a mask which is used for managing the permissions of files created by processes during a login session.
  • The ip command is used for IPv4 and IPv6 network configuration. It replaces the previous ifconfig and other commands.
  • htop is a ncurses based program for viewing processes in a system running Linux. htop supports mouse operation, uses color in its output and gives visual indications about processor, memory and swap usage.