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SoftPrayog provides information regarding software conforming to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) philosophy. You will find here articles on software engineering, tutorials and troubleshooting information regarding commands belonging to GNU/Linux based systems. The objective of SoftPrayog is to help in learning of the Linux operating system, its commands and provide software development resources.

What's new

  • A major part of Software Configuration Management is a system for controlling the source code revisions. The issues involved in source code revision control are discussed.
  • The vimdiff command runs vim in the diff mode on two, three or four files. It is useful for comparing multiple versions of a file and for editing those versions based on differences.
  • Random Quote app provides a quotation randomly selected from a collection of handpicked quotations.
  • The iptables command under Linux helps us in establishing and configuring a firewall by defining rules for packet filtering. iptables also helps in configuring the Network Address Translation (NAT) table.
  • As we work on multiple computers, we need to transfer the work done from one computer to another. Doing this manually is prone to error. This synchronization can be automated using Unison. Unison provides bidirectional synchronization between two computers.