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SoftPrayog provides information regarding software conforming to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) philosophy. You will find here articles on software engineering, tutorials and troubleshooting information regarding commands belonging to GNU/Linux based systems. The objective of SoftPrayog is to help in learning of the Linux operating system, its commands and provide software development resources.

What's new

  • The uniq command is a filter for finding unique lines in input. It reads input, suppresses duplicates and prints unique lines in its output.
  • The sort command is for sorting lines in text files. There are options to define keys, reverse sort order, numeric sort and to merge files.
  • awk is a filter which takes the input and gives output after matching desired patterns and doing processing linked to matched patterns.
  • sed is a stream editor that applies the commands one by one on each line of input and writes the resulting lines on the standard output.
  • grep is a program for searching a given string pattern in files. It searches files for the pattern and prints the lines that match the pattern.