• Software Configuration Management


    Software is unique in the sense it is intangible and highly malleable. It is intangible because we can not touch it. The best we can do is to look at the files. Software is malleable because it is so easy to change it, either by design or by mistake. And it is equally easy ...

  • The Agile Concurrent Software Process


    The major activities required in a software development life cycle (SDLC) were identified in the waterfall model. The agile concurrent software process model proposes that the activities identified in the waterfall model are not done sequentially; these activities progress concurrently with varying intensities during the entire software life cycle. Also, a focus on a ...

  • Software Project Estimates, Timelines and Deadlines

    More software projects have gone awry for lack of calendar time than for all other causes combined.

    Frederick P. Brooks

    Work happens slowly. Why get impatient? No matter how much you water the trees, the fruits will come only at the right time.


  • Scrum Agile Software Development


    Scrum is an agile software development methodology. Agile software development processes are different from traditional process models like the waterfall model in the sense that they try to address the fundamental problem, How to get the real progress?. Traditional process models give a long-winded path to project completion with the promise that if a development ...

  • The making of UNIX Operating System

    Unix quotation by Thompson and Ritchie



    Compatible Time-Sharing System, CTSS, was developed at MIT under Project MAC. It was one of the first time-sharing operating systems, demonstrated in 1961 and was in use till 1973. CTSS was used on ...