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Raspberry Pi 4B display
Connecting display to Raspberry Pi 4B
How to connect a 7" touchscreen display to Raspberry Pi 4B and boot the system.
First screen after booting Raspberry Pi
Getting started with Raspberry Pi
How to connect various peripherals to Raspberry Pi 4B and power it on the first time is explained.
Server and clients
Socket programming using the select system call
Socket programming calls using the Client Server paradigm and example programs are given.
Signals in Linux
Signals are software interrupts delivered to a process by the kernel. A signal indicates that an event has occurred and the process must act on it.
systemd – System and service manager in Linux
systemd is the newer init system used in most Linux distributions since 2015.
IPTC metadata in photographs h
How to add the IPTC metadata in photographs using exiv2 in Linux.
Syslog concepts and calls for recording messages to Syslog are explained.