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SoftPrayog provides information regarding software conforming to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) philosophy. You will find here articles on software engineering, tutorials and troubleshooting information regarding commands belonging to GNU/Linux based systems. The objective of SoftPrayog is to help in learning of the Linux operating system, its commands and provide software development resources.

What's new

  • A Perl script for generating the report of the most frequent visitors to a website from the nginx log file is given.
  • Signals are software interrupts that are delivered to a process by the kernel. A signal is a notification about an event that has occurred.
  • systemd is the system and service manager for Linux based systems. systemd concepts, configuration directives and commands are explained.
  • Syslog is a protocol for conveying event notification messages. Syslog concepts and calls for logging messages are explained.
  • D-Bus is a mechanism for interprocess communication for Linux systems. D-Bus concepts along with example client-server programs are explained.
  • Linux commands, last and lastb, for printing user login history are explained with examples.
  • tmpfs is a temporary filesystem that resides in the main memory of a Linux system.