Synchronize your computer’s clock using the NTP

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Coordinated Universal Time

The Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the universally accepted time standard based on atomic clocks with leap seconds added judiciously to keep it in tune with the traditional solar time. The UTC is available as standard from designated national measurement institutes (NMIs) in most countries.… Read more

Linux process execution time

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Execution time

A process has an execution time associated with it. The execution time comprises of two parts, the user time and the system time. The user time is the time spent by the CPU in executing instructions in user mode.… Read more

hwclock, the hardware clock query and set program

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The hardware clock

There are two clocks in a Linux system, the hardware real time clock (RTC) and the Linux system time maintained by the kernel. In this tutorial, we will look at the hardware real time clock.

The hardware real time clock is an integrated circuit, a part of computer's hardware, powered by a battery and keeps on running even when the system is electrically switched off.… Read more