tr Command in Linux

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1.0 tr

The tr command is a filter which reads the standard input, translates or deletes characters and writes on its standard output. The tr command syntax is,

tr [OPTION]... SET1 [SET2]

tr transliterates characters from SET1 into corresponding characters of SET2 in input and writes resulting text on the standard output.… Read more


Awk Tutorial

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1.0 awk

awk is a filter which takes the input and gives output after matching desired patterns and doing processing linked to matched patterns. awk is well suited for processing voluminous raw text data and producing statistical reports from it.

awk is named after the first character of the names of its designers, Al Aho, Peter Weinberger and Brian Kernighan, who developed it for Unix systems in the 1970s.… Read more

Sed command in Linux

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1.0 sed

sed is a stream editor that accepts a list of commands and input file names. It applies the commands one by one on each line of input and writes the resulting lines on the standard output. The commands are separated by newlines.… Read more

Network Traffic Control with tc command in Linux

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1.0 Network Traffic Control

For any host connected to a network, there is the possibility of network congestion. The network bandwidth is always limited. As the data flow on a network link increases, a time comes when the quality of service (QoS) gets degraded.… Read more