sed command in Linux

1.0 sed sed is a stream editor that accepts a list of commands and input file names. It applies the commands one by one on each line of input and writes the resulting lines on the standard output. The commands are separated by newlines. 2.0 sed Command syntax sed [OPTIONS] ‘list-of-sed-commands’ [input-file] … sed is …

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Shell Scripting Tutorial

1.0 Shell Script bash is the commonly used shell in GNU-Linux. bash can be run interactively, as a login shell or as an interactive process from a terminal emulator like the gnome-terminal. bash can be run non-interactively by running a bash script. A shell script, or bash script, is a list of commands written to …

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An Introduction to Shell in GNU-Linux

1.0 SHELL A shell provides a user interface to a computer system. There are two types of shells, the command line interface (CLI) and the graphical user interface (GUI). In this tutorial, we describe the command line interface shell only and refer to it simply as shell. A CLI shell is a programmable command interpreter …

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