Find user login history – last and lastb commands in Linux


1.0 last and lastb

The last command gives a chronological list of user logins in a Linux system for a period of time. The lastb commands gives a similar list of failed logins to the system. By default, last uses the /var/log/wtmp file for the record of login data.… Read more


Synchronizing Files Between Multiple Computers Using Unison

As we work on different computers at different times, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of file versions. For example, you might be working on a development of a new software product on a desktop computer. You might also have the development environment on a laptop and do some work on it occasionally.… Read more



rsync is a one-way file synchronization tool used in Linux and Unix systems. It is used to ensure that the destination file(s) become an exact replica of corresponding file(s) at the source, thus providing an excellent tool for taking backups. rsync is inherently a file copying tool.… Read more