System V Shared Memory in Linux

1.0 Shared Memory Shared memory is one of the three inter process communication (IPC) mechanisms available under Linux and other Unix-like systems. The other two IPC mechanisms are the message queues and semaphores. In case of shared memory, a shared memory segment is created by the kernel and mapped to the data segment of the …

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System V Semaphores in Linux

1.0 Semaphores A semaphore is a mechanism for synchronizing processes and threads. Semaphore, in Unix-like systems, are provided under interprocess communication (IPC) facilities along with message queues and shared memory. While message queues can be used by themselves for interprocess communication, semaphores are needed for implementing shared memory based interprocess communication systems. Semaphores are not …

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System V message queues in Linux

1.0 Message queues Message queues are one of the interprocess communication mechanisms available under Linux. Message queues, shared memory and semaphores are normally listed as the three interprocess communication mechanisms under Linux. Semaphores, though, are really for process synchronization. In practice, shared memory, aided by semaphores, makes an interprocess communication mechanism. Message queues is the …

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