Getting a project from GitHub

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1.0 Scenario

While searching on a topic, you land up on a GitHub page with code. The code looks interesting. But you can not work on it on GitHub. You need to get it on your computer to work on it.… Read more

Importing an Android Studio project in Git

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1.0 Introduction

Importing an Android Studio project into Git is easy. First create the project or import an existing project in Android Studio. In this case a placeholder project HelloWorld was created. The directory listing of the project root directory looks like this.… Read more

Learning curve

Software Project Estimates, Timelines and Deadlines

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More software projects have gone awry for lack of calendar time than for all other causes combined.

Frederick P. Brooks

Work happens slowly. Why get impatient? No matter how much you water the trees, the fruits will come only at the right time.Read more