Getting a project from GitHub

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1.0 Scenario

While searching on a topic, you land up on a GitHub page with code. The code looks interesting. But you can not work on it on GitHub. You need to get it on your computer to work on it. How to get it on your computer?

2.0 Solution: Get the repository

The code displayed on the GitHub page is being managed by the Git source code management system. Git deals with source code repositories. So the key question is, what is the repository for the code displayed on the web page? On GitHub web pages, the user name and repository name are given in the form <user-name> / <repository-name> in the top left corner, just above the < > Code tab.

Once the user and repository names are known, you can clone the repository on your computer with the command,

$ git clone<user-name>/<repository-name>.git

The repository contains the source code of interest.


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