Connecting Wacom One CTL-672/KO-CX tablet to Ubuntu Linux

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Wacom CTL-672 connected to computer running Ubuntu Linux

Wacom One CTL-672/KO-CX is an 8.5 inch x 5.3 inch graphic tablet which can be connected to a computer via a USB port. The tablet comes with a pressure sensitive cordless pen. Once connected to a computer via a USB port, pen and tablet work like a mouse on a mouse pad, giving a very fine pointer on the screen.… Read more

MCE hardware error cpu 0

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1.0 Error


While running Ubuntu 18.04.1 on a laptop, the following errors were observed.

mce: hardware error cpu 0 machine check 0 bank 6 ae0000000040110a
mce: hardware error tsc 0 addr ffb07540 misc 238a0000086
mce: hardware error processor 0:40651 time 1540082330 socket 0 Apic 0 microcode 24
ipmi dmi invalid offset 0

The system would stop in the single user mode.… Read more

Unable to establish a connection to adb

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1.0 Problem

After opening an Android project in Studio running under Ubuntu 15.04 Linux, the following error was displayed,

Unable to establish a connection to adb. This usually happens if you have an incompatible version of adb running already. Try reopening Studio after killing any existing adb daemon.
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Unity launcher stays at the left, does not auto-hide

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Problem: After login in the Ubuntu Linux system, the Unity launcher stays at the left edge of the display. It does not auto-hide.

Solution: Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of the display. You will find tabs like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Background, etc.… Read more

Wireless is disabled by hardware switch

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While configuring the wired network on Ubuntu 12.04 Linux laptop, the wireless network connection broke down suddenly. On clicking the networking icon on the top panel, no wireless networks were displayed on the NetworkManager applet and a message Wireless is disabled by hardware switch was reported.… Read more