awk Tutorial

1.0 awk awk is a filter which takes the input and gives output after matching desired patterns and doing processing linked to matched patterns. awk is well suited for processing voluminous raw text data and producing statistical reports from it. awk is named after the first character of the names of its designers, Al Aho, …

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grep Command in Linux

1.0 grep grep is a program for searching a given string pattern in files. It searches the files for the pattern and prints the lines that contain strings matching the pattern. For example, $ # grep pattern filenames … $ grep ‘hbox’ find.c GtkWidget *window, *scrolled_win, *hbox, *vbox, *find; hbox = gtk_hbox_new (FALSE, 5); gtk_box_pack_start …

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Using the make utility to build software (Advanced)

make is a utility for building programs based on the contents of a specially formatted text file named Makefile or makefile under Linux and Unix environments. A makefile has explicit rules, implicit rules, variable definitions, directives and comments. In the primer make tutorial, we looked at some example makefiles containing explicit rules. In this tutorial …

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