Getting WordPress to work with Varnish 4.0

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With Varnish 4.0, the VCL has changed. So an update from Varnish 3 .0 to Varnish 4.0 requires a change in the VCL file, /etc/varnish/default.vcl. As a part of Varnish cache server configuration for a WordPress based site, using nginx web server, the following VCL is required in /etc/varnish/default.vclRead more

How to redirect non-www URLs to www in Varnish

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If a website's canonical URL has www, it is desirable, as a good SEO practice, to redirect the non-www URLs to www. That is, if the canonical URL is, should be redirected to How to do this when Varnish is listening on port 80 as a reverse HTTP proxy is given below in this post.… Read more